"Work hard, be patient, and the rest will follow."

Necklace: Forever 21 (older season) 

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Guess who is employed once again.. me!! I just scored myself a job at Garage and today was my first day. Thoughts: so much better than my first job. My co-workers are pretty darn amazing as well. So excited to be a sales person and a part of the Group Dynamite family!

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My Weekend: 

I haven’t had the chance to pick up my sketching pencils and pencil crayons in a while, but once I got back to it on the weekend.. it felt amazing. I spent my weekend sketching some spring/summer 2015 sketches. I shall post a sneak peak to some of my sketches up soon.

(Banks Goddess album playing in the background) 

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Lynn Canyon Outfit Details: 

Top: Dress from H&M $14.99 worn with tied button up top from Garage $4.99 (bought at thrift store) 
Shoes: Winners $29.99 
Accessories: Necklaces (wearing 2) from H&M - 4 long necklaces for $14.99 

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Lynn Canyon - North Vancouver, British Columbia 

Oh how I already miss summer! Here’s a look at the beautiful Lynn Canyon park that I went to over my wonderful month of summer. Lynn Canyon is a park in North Vancouver that consists of a magical trail that takes you to view the twin falls, the suspension bridge and there is also a 30 ft. pool where you are welcome to go. On the other side of Lynn Canyon is the headwaters, which is a place to sit, relax and enjoy nature. There is also a breathtaking view of the mountains that can be seen from the headwaters location. It was a peaceful trip and an amazing place to capture some great pictures. If you’re a fan of nature, waterfalls and/or perhaps jumping rocks, then you should definitely check out Lynn Canyon Park. 

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Back At It! 

Hey guys! Today was my first day at University and my first day as a journalism student. Crazy right! Feels like I just got out of fashion school yesterday and now I’m a journalism student.. wow!! Anyways, it was a great day and a bit scary of course. Being a new student in a large environment is always a huge deal, and not to mention nerve wracking.

First day of school thoughts: I SURVIVED. I ran into quite a lot of people I knew which was absolutely amazing.. not. It is definitely a major change from fashion school.. not being around a lot of dressed up people really sucks; especially when I’m the type who dresses up every single day! Oh well, that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll still be going dressed to school as if I’m about to walk New York Fashion Week! (Is anyone else super stoked for fashion week to start tomorrow?!) 

I decided to wear my basic white baggy top with my fitted skinny jeans from Forever 21 and dressed it up with my light pink bird scarf from Costa Blanca. I’ve never worn back packs since high school, always gone with a big shoulder purse instead so the purse I took today was my big black H&M purse. It’s perfect for holding my laptop, books and my go-to accessories/make-up that can be needed at any emergency moment. (Give me a break, I’m a fashionable girl). 

Remember ladies, “Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy." - Kimora Lee 

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The last month of my summer consisted of two back to back weddings.. which obviously means beautiful Indian suits and a lot of accessories!! Here’s a sneak peak look at my pink Indian suit I wore which was elegantly decorated with silver designs. With the Indian attire I am wearing my silver heels from Aldo ($49.99) and silver bracelets. 

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It’s the beginning of a new month and a new school year; and what does that mean? Time for some changes! I’ve started my September off with a fresh new hair cut. Yes, I finally had the guts to cut my hair and go short! Never thought I would be able to do it.. but I realized it was time for a change. School starts tomorrow for me and I am finally excited to begin my journey of 4 years of being a journalist student. September always feels as if it’s a new year! I hope all of you are just as excited as I am to finally begin the school year. 

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Here’s a look at one of my favourite outfits I wore this summer. It’s simple, cute and so chic. A loose, flowy top worn with harlem pants are the most comfortable pieces a girl could wear during the hot summer weather. Of course summer is almost over now.. however that does not mean you have to pack up these pants and put them away. Harlem pants can be worn with sweaters this fall; and if you’re still in love with your summer tops.. don’t sweat it! Pair up your hottest summer tops with some chunky fall cardigans and no one can blame you for still wanting to wear your cute summer tops. 

Outfit Details: 
Top: Ross $10.99 (Necklace is attached with the top). 
Purse: White Shoulder Purse $5.99 - Thrifting Finds 
Accessories: Silver Forever 21 Bracelet $4.99 / Aldo Anklet $8.00 
Bottoms: Harlem Pants from Sirens $21.99
Heels: Thrifting Finds (Price Unknown) 

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Happy September everyone!!! I will be posting up what I’ve been up to the last few weeks on here very shortly. I’ve been so busy enjoying my last few weeks of summer before school starts and now I can’t wait to share with you guys what I’ve been up too. Stay tuned for pictures of my exciting summer! 

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Hey everyone!

Here is a video of all the looks I put together for my fashion show, “Persephone.” All the clothes are from my closet and Value Village (thrifting finds) that I just mixed and matched and put together.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive clothes to dress and feel chic; you can be fashionable by wearing clothes under $10.00 and/or by cutting up your grandmas/moms old clothes! (Literally what I do all the time)

Anyways loves, until next time! Hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend!

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Persephone Fashion Show


Hey loves! It was a crazy week last week with preparations for my grad fashion show and getting all my styled looks together. Although, I finally did it! I am proud to announce that I have officially graduated Fashion School and now have a diploma in Fashion Business & Creative Arts. 

Above is a picture of 3 out of the 8 looks that I styled for the show. Basically the show involved light garments that slowly faded towards dark garments. I styled looks for the dark side.. of course.. and put pieces together that I found from my own closet, my grandma’s closet and garments I found while thrifting. 

It was such an amazing experience being able to style looks and be a part of a fashion show. Incredible!! It feels even more satisfied knowing that it all went by beautifully and I am done with the textbooks, the paperworks and the projects. 

Stay looking out for more pictures from the show as I will be posting all 8 looks on my blog soon!

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Fall in Love Necklace - Urban Planet

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Today’s outfit! Get my perfect summer look: 

Blue Button Up Top: Garage
White “Celine Paris” Shirt: (Custom Made)
Black Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Thrifting Finds 
Accessories: Forever 21/Aldo 

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The perfect summer essentials! 

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